AWS Neptune and Tom Sawyer Software Integrate New Graph Technologies

By Caroline Scharf on June 8, 2019

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Caroline Scharf

Caroline Scharf

Vice President of Operations

At AWS re:Invent, we revealed our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that supports the integration of Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser and Tom Sawyer Perspectives with Amazon Neptune. Customers can take advantage of the integration and build applications with Perspectives for Amazon’s newest cloud-based graph database service, Neptune.

2017 AWSreInvent Neptune Perspectives Workshop

Amazon Neptune is a fully managed graph database service that makes it easy to build and run applications that work with highly connected datasets. Our flagship product, Tom Sawyer Perspectives, is designed specifically for building and deploying web applications that visualize and analyze highly related datasets. The two products are tightly integrated.

Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser makes it easy for anyone to load data into Amazon Neptune and start analyzing the graphs. The application is the first and only to visualize and analyze data in Amazon Neptune as well as automatically execute native Neptune load commands to import data directly from Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) into the database.

Together with AWS Amazon Neptune, our deep integration creates a super convenient and easy-to-use cloud-based, fast, and scalable graph database and visualization solution. 

Want to try visualizing AWS Amazon Neptune Data?

It’s easy to test drive the Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser using a free trial on AWS Marketplace. It works with other graph databases too.


The Graph Database Browser includes a number of unique capabilities that go beyond a typical database browser to enhance the AWS Amazon Neptune user experience. Below are just a few.

Direct Data Loading from Amazon S3 Bucket into Amazon Neptune

The Graph Database Browser executes native Amazon Neptune load commands for you making it easy to load data directly into Neptune from your S3 bucket. Whether you’re a data scientist, architect, business analyst, or developer, you have the ability to load data quickly and easily without having to learn a new command line tool.

Easily import data into Neptune from your S3 bucket

Easy Customization

Another unique advantage of our Graph Database Browser is its ability to easily adapt data in Amazon Neptune to display a graph in more visually appealing ways. You can customize nodes and relationships to meet your needs, end-user preferences, and a variety of use cases. While the element appearance defaults are pleasing to the eye, you can modify them using rules in the UI and attributes stored in Neptune.

For example, you can set the color of nodes and edges, and depending on their behavior and status, trigger rules will automatically change their appearance. In a network management use case, this allows you to see real-time changes in device status and connection capacity.

Trigger rules automatically change their appearance

Built-In Graph Layout Styles and Analytics

The Graph Database Browser comes with the four most popular visual layout styles built in. You can easily switch from one layout to another with a single click. The layout styles let you dynamically explore relationships to find hidden connections and better understand the data stored in Amazon Neptune.

Layout styles in Graph Database Browser help your dynamically explore relationships

With today’s big data challenges, relevant and real-time analytics to derive meaning from the data are essential. We’ve built in that capability with powerful graph algorithms that work with your Amazon Neptune data to perform and visualize social network analysis, clustering, shortest path analysis, and traversals and flows. 

The Takeaway

We’re excited to join forces with the AWS Amazon Neptune team to give customers a fully managed, integrated cloud services solution. Together, we are empowering organizations to drive more results from their data.

You can use our Graph Database Browser to instantly see connections in your Neptune data, view social networks, apply different layout styles, and perform graph analysis with built-in analytics.

About the Author

Caroline Scharf, VP of Operations at Tom Sawyer Software, has more than 25 years leadership experience at large and small software companies. She has a passion for process and policy in streamlining operations, a solution-oriented approach to problem solving, and is a strong advocate of continuous evaluation and improvement. 

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