Introducing Intelligent MBSE Diagram Automation to Global Leaders at INCOSE 2017 in Australia

By Caroline Scharf on July 28, 2017

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Caroline Scharf

Caroline Scharf

Vice President of Operations

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is revolutionizing how engineers tackle big projects in critical industries such as aerospace, energy, government, manufacturing, and telecom. One barrier to MBSE for many organizations is maintaining, customizing, and validating the hundreds of diagrams associated with a complex model.

INCOSE 2017 Keynote Speaker AVM Mel Hupfeld’s Presentation on Force Design

Systems engineers often spend only 20 percent of their time modeling the system. The remaining 80 percent is spent rearranging and maintaining diagrams. Automatically rearranging MBSE diagrams reverses this dynamic and lets engineers focus on engineering.

Diagram Automation Down Under

At INCOSE we presented customer case studies and showed attendees how to generate hundreds of rigorous diagrams in minutes – rather than weeks – using Tom Sawyer Model-Based Engineering. Our software automates the arrangement of elements in diagrams, greatly reducing manual effort, and presents desktop and web views for all key stakeholders.

In addition, interactive filtering, navigation, zooming, automated layout, and analysis give systems engineers and their colleagues the power to see exactly what they want. Customers such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Toyota, and many others tell us that’s why they use our technology.

INCOSE attendees saw our MBSE diagram automation in Australia
Tom Sawyer Perspectives Automates the Arrangement of Elements in These Hybrid SUV SysML and Custom Diagrams to Greatly Reduce Manual Effort

Two Views of Intelligent MBSE Diagram Automation in Australia

In Adelaide, Senior Product Development Director Michael Newton gave two presentations on the benefits of MBSE diagram automation.

In “Automatically Generate Standard and Custom SysML Diagrams for MBSE with Tom Sawyer Perspectives,” Newton conducted a live demonstration of new diagram automation technology for web and desktop users. Attendees saw how integrating Tom Sawyer Perspectives with modeling tools, such as MagicDraw, automatically resolves layout issues for complex models and rapidly generates rigorous custom and conventional SysML-compliant diagrams.

Tom Sawyer staff in the booth demonstrating MBSE diagram automation in Australia.
Michael Newton (left), Senior Product Development Director, and Kevin Langille (right), Product Development Engineer, at INCOSE Symposium 2017 in Adelaide

In “Applying Automated Visualization to Model-Based Engineering – A Real-Life MBSE Example,” Newton described one customer’s experience in using a model-based approach and automation to make diagrams easier to read and allow access for all key stakeholders. Applying automated visualizations to SysML modeling standards and methodologies enabled system engineers to generate rigorous and customized diagrams in a fraction of the time.

One of our customers, a leading aerospace organization, went from spending weeks generating 75 diagrams to creating and validating 400 diagrams in one hour.

“Audience reaction across the board was very positive,” Newton said after the show. “People could understand the clear need for Tom Sawyer Perspectives in automating MBSE diagrams.”

Get the Scoop on MBSE Diagram Automation

Automate the Layout of Custom and Conventional SysML Diagrams with Tom Sawyer Perspectives
See How Tom Sawyer Perspectives Visualizes a Hybrid SUV Complex System Model

If you’re part of a systems engineering organization looking to free up time for higher-value work, watch this video to get a sneak peek of how Tom Sawyer Perspectives automates the layout of custom and conventional SysML diagrams.

Questions? Contact us to discuss your visualization automation needs.

About the Author

Caroline Scharf, VP of Operations at Tom Sawyer Software, has more than 25 years leadership experience at large and small software companies. She has a passion for process and policy in streamlining operations, a solution-oriented approach to problem solving, and is a strong advocate of continuous evaluation and improvement. 

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