Introducing Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0

By Janet Six, Ph.D. on October 23, 2023

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Janet Six, Ph.D.

Janet Six, Ph.D.

Senior Product Manager

We are eager to introduce the new release of Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0—the ultimate technology for development of graph visualization and analysis applications. With this new release, we continue our efforts to improve Tom Sawyer Perspectives for application designers and schema users, including the ability to generate your application more quickly, and have advanced schema editing support.

This release also makes it even easier for end users to gain insight into their graph data. By combining advanced data navigation, graph analysis, and visualization capabilities, Perspectives 12.0.0 facilitates data analysis and enables end users to gain a deeper understanding of their data more quickly, including the ability to interactively load and explore data.

Understanding the benefits of Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0

Data management is a crucial component of any database, as it defines the structure within the system. A well-designed system can improve the efficiency and accuracy of data processing, while a poorly designed system can lead to errors and inefficiencies. One reason to streamline your data is to optimize it for the needs of your organization or application. Perspectives 12.0.0 was carefully designed to add just the right features and enhancements that would support data systems for specific needs and improve the accuracy and reliability of the data.

Exploring the key features and enhancements of the tool

Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0 has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to find and edit schema elements, so you don't have to waste time searching. Plus, it supports visual analysis, which allows you to have a better understanding of your data. This visual representation helps you spot potential issues and make better decisions when it comes to schema modifications.

Another feature of Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0 is its powerful data management capabilities. You can make quick changes to your Perspectives schemas ensuring your data is always up to date. Plus, it can integrate with your existing databases so you can take advantage of all the features without having to disrupt your workflows.

We'll look at some of the specific features in more detail in the next section, so let's see how these can streamline your data management process.

Key features and enhancements

Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0 offers many new features and enhancements for end users and application designers and schema users. For end users, Perspectives 12.0.0 includes the new load neighbors feature, adding labels to meta-edges, and the new PageRank centrality feature. For application designers and schema users, Perspectives 12.0.0 includes enhancements to generate web application code and to schema editor.

Features for end users

  • Load neighbors is a valuable new feature for end users to explore their data more efficiently for better analysis and data navigation. By allowing users to incrementally load data that is relevant to their use case, they can save time, efficiently explore their data, and focus on the task at hand.

An example of load neighbors in Perspectives 12.0.0.An example of load neighbors in Perspectives 12.0.0.

  • Adding labels to meta-edges is a great addition for users who want to clearly indicate how many regular edges are represented by a meta-edge. With the ability to add labels and assign different colors to differentiate between multiple types of meta-edges in a structure, users can easily customize graphs to better suit their needs and have a better understanding of complex data.
  • PageRank centrality is a powerful new feature that provides a standard analysis for ranking nodes in a graph by evaluating their importance and relevance based on their connections to other nodes that have a high ranking. This feature offers valuable insights and analytics into the relationships between different elements in a dataset, and is particularly useful for directed graphs but can also be applied to undirected graphs.

2023.10.06.0.PageRankAn example of PageRank centrality in Perspectives 12.0.0.

Enhancements for application designers and schema users

  • Generate web application code now supports projects that contain custom Java code, improving the overall efficiency of the development process. This enhancement automatically generates the folder structure, application files, and scripts required to build and deploy projects, significantly reducing the time and effort required to build an application that contains custom code.

2023.10.13.0.GenerateWebApplicationCodeAn example of generate web application code in Perspectives 12.0.0.

  • Schema editor has received a host of updates that allow users to work with their schemas in an even more efficient and user-friendly way. Schema editor now has the ability to easily add and read comments that are several sentences long, and flags capability to mark element types. It also includes the ability to generate a schema for multiple targets, and the addition of the schema model traversal, which allows users to order schema elements with large schemas.

The impact Tom Sawyer Perspectives has on organizations

Tom Sawyer Perspectives has been adopted by many organizations in a variety of industries to help improve the data management process and schema editing workflow. It's becoming essential that organizations can edit and manage their data effectively, as more and more are relying on decision-making based on data.

Our graph experts have extensive experience in problem-solving for organizations of all sizes and types, in nearly every industry. With decades of combined experience, our graph specialists have seen hundreds of use cases and apply this knowledge to specific challenges. We understand the need for a well-structured data management process and the accuracy of the data that is being processed.

Perspectives 12.0.0 was designed to allow organizations to make better decisions with a complete set of features that make it easy to navigate data, analyze it, and visualize it all in one place. Organizations that have integrated Tom Sawyer Perspectives have seen positive results in their interface and how it has made it easier for their employees to manage complex data, navigate and edit large schemas, and ultimately make them more self-reliant.


With features such as data integration and data visualization, Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0 can help simplify your data and schema editing process and provide you with valuable insights to improve your workflow. Organizations will be able to navigate through data with ease and quickly identify important relationships and dependencies.

Upgrade to Tom Sawyer Perspectives 12.0.0—the ultimate technology for development of graph visualization and analysis applications . Make sure to join us for our webinar on October 25, 2023, where we will discuss and demo the new release in more detail.

Contact us to get started on your graph journey with a free demonstration of Perspectives from one of our graph experts.

About the Author

Janet Six, Ph.D. is Senior Product Manager at Tom Sawyer Software, where she works with business, technical, and design teams to help create effective data visualization and analysis solutions within technical, time, and financial constraints. She has been in the graph field for almost 30 years. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Discrete Algorithms, Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, and the Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science. The proceedings of conferences on Graph Drawing, IEEE Information Visualization, and Algorithm Engineering and Experiments have also included the results of her research. Her interests include graph visualization, analysis, and artificial intelligence.

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