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Data Visualization Examples
Graph and data visualization examples

Our goals for the Blog parallel closely with the goals of our technology: to help people light up connections between data, see them from multiple perspectives, and take action. Our customers and partners tell us this is critical. Along with our customers, we have a phenomenal extended community of technology innovators, standards groups, and academic thought leaders from around the world. They are at the heart of transforming digital enterprises.

Like our technology, our Blog will present relevant perspectives from our community and from a variety of data sources to help you see connections, learn from experts, answer questions, and discover new pathways.

We Live in the Age of Visualization

Graph and data visualization and analysis applications are fascinating, visually appealing, and gaining wider adoption. Some of the brightest minds and most innovative organizations are working with visual applications, including our customers Airbus, Cisco, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, TIBCO Software and many others.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure
Cisco Prime Infrastructure built on Tom Sawyer Perspectives

It’s been exciting to see our customers achieve their business goals and we look forward to sharing their stories in our Blog. Cisco Prime Infrastructure software is one example of a visualization application used by thousands of companies for network monitoring, performance, and diagnostics.

A popular topic on the Blog will be demonstrations of visual applications that utilize our visual designer and algorithms.

Our Retail IT Network demonstration, for example, takes equipment and data that is held hostage in rows and columns in repositories and liberates it into a live, interactive visual environment. This enables users to plan and manage networks, see alerts, threats, connections and data flows between nodes in physical and logical map views.

Physical locations synchronized with logical map views in Tom Sawyer Perspectives

If a server goes down, users can navigate the topology to view affected devices, propose alternate routing and solutions, and quickly choose the best option to resolve issues.

You can look forward to our Blog covering other industries and applications including:

  • Climate Change with data from NASA to give a clear picture of the factors that are warming the planet, visualized with charts, timelines, and colorful views
  • Automotive with the components of a Hybrid SUV visualized in standard systems modeling SysML block diagrams and colorful, synchronized icon based diagrams for non-engineers
  • Fraud Investigation with crime data and the Panama Papers, using the power of link analysis and graph and social network analysis to illuminate connections, combat crime, and catch bad guys

Learn from Graph and Data Visualization Experts

We are headquartered in Berkeley with amazing staff members located throughout the world in Australia, Latvia, and Mexico.

Our Blog will get perspectives from team members like Brendan Madden, our founder and CEO, who is one of the world’s foremost experts in graph and data visualization, graph layout, and graph analysis. You will see insights from Arturs Verza, a winner of six International Olympiad medals in Informatics and Mathematical competitions and a lead software engineer with extensive experience in data integration.

Tom Sawyer Software Headquarters, Berkeley California

We will talk with our Technical Design Director Wendy Feng, a leading graph drawing expert who has published a number of peer-reviewed international articles on planarity and planar drawing of clustered graphs, and our Lead Solutions Engineer Joshua Feingold, a member of the Object Management Group (OMG). Joshua serves as Data Visualization concept co-lead for the OMG SysML 2.0 specification.

Along with an incredible team, we also have amazing partners with unique views. We will consult with our partners Neo Technology and Oracle on big data spatial and graph databases; No Magic, JPL, and the OMG on Model-Based Systems Engineering and SysML 2.0; and renowned academics with expertise in systems modeling and graph analysis from universities in the United States and around the world.

Also we cannot wait to share all the new advancements rolling out of Tom Sawyer Software, like our stunning new Tom Sawyer Maps, support for the OpenLayers map API, plus the lightning-fast Neo4j Bolt protocol offering up to a 15% speed boost. All are available in Tom Sawyer Perspectives, Version 7.6 Java Edition Beta Release out today!

See Us In Person

As much as we enjoy communicating with you through a computer screen, we would love to see you in person. Come out and see us at:

Big Data Paris March 6-7, 2017, where our customer Hugo Falgarone from Airbus will present “Airbus GAIA Rockets Through Big Data”  and share the stage with our very own Kevin Madden, Chief Software Engineer, for their Workshop “Visualizing Airbus and Twitter Big Data.”

No Magic World Symposium May 21-24, 2017, where we will present the latest trends in SysML Visualization, an exciting customer case study and unveil our new No Magic web and desktop integration.

Join the Conversation

Just as Tom Sawyer Perspectives helps our customers visualize information to meet their business needs, we hope our Blog meets your needs for deeper understanding in the exciting world of graph and data visualization and analysis.

Thank you for reading and please join in on the conversation. Tell us your stories and share them with others. We welcome your comments, and look forward to engaging with you soon!

Monica Bolgna contributed to this post.

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