Introducing Intelligent MBSE Diagram Automation to Global Leaders at INCOSE 2017 in Australia

Adelaide Australia
INCOSE 2017 Keynote Speaker AVM Mel Hupfeld
INCOSE 2017 Keynote Speaker AVM Mel Hupfeld’s Presentation on Force Design

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is revolutionizing how engineers tackle big projects in critical industries such as aerospace, energy, government, manufacturing, and telecom. One barrier to MBSE for many organizations is maintaining, customizing, and validating the hundreds of diagrams associated with a complex model.

Systems engineers often spend only 20 percent of their time modeling the system. The remaining 80 percent is spent rearranging and maintaining diagrams. Automatically rearranging MBSE diagrams reverses this dynamic and lets engineers focus on engineering. Read More “Introducing Intelligent MBSE Diagram Automation to Global Leaders at INCOSE 2017 in Australia”

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Our goals for the Blog parallel closely with the goals of our technology: to help people light up connections between data, see them from multiple perspectives, and take action. Our customers and partners tell us this is critical. Along with our customers, we have a phenomenal extended community of technology innovators, standards groups, and academic thought leaders from around the world. They are at the heart of transforming digital enterprises.

Like our technology, our Blog will present relevant perspectives from our community and from a variety of data sources to help you see connections, learn from experts, answer questions, and discover new pathways. Read More “Welcome to Our New Blog!”