Introducing the Tom Sawyer Software
Academic Program

Are you a student or professor who works with networks, systems models, life sciences models, or other relationship data? Now you can use Tom Sawyer Perspectives to uncover hidden connections in your data, at no cost for non-commercial usage. Perspectives includes a complete graph visualization software development kit with a graphics-based design and preview environment, Tom Sawyer Model-Based Engineering, Tom Sawyer Graph Database Browser, and Tom Sawyer Business Process. Use Perspectives to visualize and analyze:

  • Network topologies
  • IT operations
  • Architectures and models
  • Schematics
  • Dependencies
  • Flows
  • Social networks
  • Processes
  • And more …

Here are some examples of what you can do with Perspectives. All of these visualizations are data-driven and created automatically!


Model Your IT Network

Visualization of IT Network


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Academic Program”

Coronavirus Mutations Revealed with Perspectives

Revealing Hidden Coronavirus Mutations

In the past month, the internet has exploded with information about coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. The vast amount of data feels like too much to keep up with. But that’s where graph and data visualization thrives! So, we used the power of Tom Sawyer Perspectives to visualize the continually updated genomic epidemiology data provided by Nextstrain to reveal previously unseen coronavirus mutations.

Phylogenetic data of coronavirus genomes and mutations from mid March 2020 shown in symmetric layout using Tom Sawyer Perspectives
Phylogenetic data of coronavirus genomes and mutations from mid-March 2020 shown in symmetric layout using Tom Sawyer Perspectives

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3 Quick Ways To Perfect Graph Edge Labels

Fix Inconsistent Grap Edge Lables

You gather your data, choose the best layout, and find an analysis method that gets your users the insight they need. But before you can declare victory, you need to assign meaning to the objects in your graph. Adding labels to nodes and edges might seem easy enough, but sometimes—especially with graph edge labels—their placement can cause readability issues. Since a “messy” presentation can compromise the message and meaning of your graph visualization, you’ll want to do all you can to prevent these.

Graph Edge Labels that are rotated, centered, and placed over each edge.

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Pioneer in Graph Analytics Technology Talks about Trends and Why Graphs Are Going Mainstream

Graph Analytics Technology pioneer Dr. Iannis Tollis
Graph Technology expert, Dr. Iannis Tollis, Ph.D, Professor, University of Crete
Dr. Ioannis Tollis, Ph.D.

I recently learned about Dr. Ioannis Tollis’ impressive career in graph analytics and computer science. He is a pioneer in graph analytics technology, and a Professor at the University of Crete.  Dr. Tollis, Ph.D., spoke with us about exciting developments and trends in the field.  Read on to find out more.

You’ve been a leader in the global graph analytics technology community since before it hit the mainstream. What are some of the trends you’ve noticed over time?

There are many trends in graph analytics technology that appeared in the past. Some have disappeared, while others are still with us today.

The most recent graph analytics technology trend deals with large or huge graphs. Read More “Pioneer in Graph Analytics Technology Talks about Trends and Why Graphs Are Going Mainstream”

What Do Big Data Paris and the Panama Papers Have In Common?

Tom Sawyer Software at Big Data Paris 2017
Airbus Presentation at Big Data Paris
Airbus Presentation at Big Data Paris

We’re back from an exciting week at Big Data Paris 2017 where we were featured by our customer Airbus in their presentation on enterprise big data integration and graph visualizations.  We were delighted to meet up with our Neo Technology France and UK partners and had a great turnout for our workshop on Airbus and Twitter big data. 

At our booth, in addition to the very cool Airbus GAIA demonstration on a two meter-wide multi-touch screen, fraud detection, criminal investigations, and networking
were the hot topics. Our crime network and Panama Papers demos were very popular with attendees looking for big data and graph visualization technology.

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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Data Visualization Examples
Graph and data visualization examples

Our goals for the Blog parallel closely with the goals of our technology: to help people light up connections between data, see them from multiple perspectives, and take action. Our customers and partners tell us this is critical. Along with our customers, we have a phenomenal extended community of technology innovators, standards groups, and academic thought leaders from around the world. They are at the heart of transforming digital enterprises.

Like our technology, our Blog will present relevant perspectives from our community and from a variety of data sources to help you see connections, learn from experts, answer questions, and discover new pathways. Read More “Welcome to Our New Blog!”