Introducing the Tom Sawyer Software
Academic Program

Are you a student or professor who works with networks, systems models, life sciences models, or other relationship data? Now you can use Tom Sawyer Perspectives to uncover hidden connections in your data, at no cost for non-commercial usage. Perspectives is a complete graph visualization software development kit with a graphics-based design and preview environment. Use it to visualize and analyze:

  • Network topologies
  • IT operations
  • Architectures and models
  • Schematics
  • Dependencies
  • Flows
  • Social networks
  • Processes
  • And more …

Here are some examples of what you can do with Perspectives. All of these visualizations are data-driven and created automatically!


Model Your IT Network

Visualization of IT Network




See the Geospatial Location of Your Connected Data

Geospatial View of Connected Data



Visualize SysML Models

Block Definition Diagram

Internal Block Diagram


Explore and Analyze Your Graph Database

Explore Graph Databases


Global 2000 companies use Perspectives for data visualization and analysis, and now students and faculty can bring that power to the classroom and research labs. Knowing the importance of research and education, Tom Sawyer Software is proud to support research projects, teachers in the classroom, ongoing coursework, Master’s theses, Ph.D. dissertations, and post-doctoral research. We appreciate your attribution of Tom Sawyer Software in technical papers, journal papers, Master’s theses, and Ph.D. dissertations.

Students and faculty can request an academic license, free for non-commercial usage with no customer support. You’ll receive our software, complete product documentation, and a suite of example projects.

Try it for yourself! Post your new graph layout and analysis results to social media with #TSPerspectives and #graphviz. We can’t wait to see the results you discover in your Perspectives applications.


Coronavirus Mutations Revealed with Perspectives

Revealing Hidden Coronavirus Mutations

In the past month, the internet has exploded with information about coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19. The vast amount of data feels like too much to keep up with. But that’s where graph and data visualization thrives! So, we used the power of Tom Sawyer Perspectives to visualize the continually updated genomic epidemiology data provided by Nextstrain to reveal previously unseen coronavirus mutations.

Phylogenetic data of coronavirus genomes and mutations from mid March 2020 shown in symmetric layout using Tom Sawyer Perspectives
Phylogenetic data of coronavirus genomes and mutations from mid-March 2020 shown in symmetric layout using Tom Sawyer Perspectives

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